2. Push against harms being concentrated in communities already facing the greatest adversity.
We didn’t all come into this crisis on a level footing. Structural racism and historical trauma are foundational to many of the systems we lead. Ensuring that our responses now and moving forward are built on an anti-racist, equity and wellbeing-orientated platform is vital to ensuring that our responses shrink, rather than widen, racial and economic disparities. The goal should be to reduce inequities. To achieve this goal, we must prevent political, regulatory and systemic division of the “newly hurting” from the “long-term hurting” which may deepen racial and class divides. See also Principle 3 as the regulation of social networks in communities already facing adversity is a primary mechanism for concentrating harms.
Crowdsourcing What's Possible:
The principles and recommendations in this Blueprint are already being acted on by systems, organizations, communities and people across the nation. Do you have an example to share with us? Please share it!
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